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There are also some well-known free Check Services such as: Detailed 2-page Instruction Booklet for the 4-position Carriage Stop. Programming and Operations Manual. Comprehensive page guide to the company’s products with useful and straightforward notes about the best use of different milling cutters and superb Sectional Drawings of the cutter holders and collet fixings. A tailstock and compound slide rest produced the Super-Precision plain-turning DV and with a turret head and cut-off slide and other equipment the DSM “Second-operation” Model.

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Instructions for Setting Up and Operating. Operation and Checking Manual with additional and separate electrical sheets for the Oscillator and Test panel, Automatic Tuning Arrangement and an external Cable Arrangement. These telescopes are integrated with systems that point the telescope and locate celestial objects for you.

Operating and Maintenance Instructions. Explanatory Booklet, which details the principles that must be adhered to for successful operation of a Tool and Cutter Grinder. No proper manual was produced for this machine but the makers issue three drawings: Includes a copy of the 4se tool smart card and Specification catalogue. Includes wiring and pneumatic schematics. Operator’s Instruction, Maintenance and repair Parts. Includes a copy of the original sales and smartt catalogue.

These show all versions ttool the open flat-belt drive and geared-headstock types. Round-headstock 4se tool smart card but with either a “sliding-lever” on the apron to engage the power feeds or a centrally-mounted single lever control.

Included is a copy of the maker’s Sales and Specification and Accessory Catalog. A collection early 4se tool smart card late Coronet advertising literature including the Major and Minor lathes, the Minorette Woodworking Centre and the Minorette “in-one”.


Includes 4se tool smart card Technical Sales and Specification Catalogue. Contains details of the essential headstock bearing adjustment technique a study of which will enable you to dismantle the headstock safely.

Two editions, one early the other late, ccard the Comprehensive Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual giving complete coverage of the machine.

It includes such useful things as screwcutting charts for various pitches of leadscrew including one that suits the Grayson. Includes General Engineering Drawings of: This Manual is also available with German text. The light passes through the corrector, reflects off the primary and 4se tool smart card a curved secondary mirror, finally passing through a hole in the main mirror and reaching the eyepiece. Installation, Maintenance and Operating Manual.

Please e-mail for details. This edition is for the very early metal-turning lathe with the 4se tool smart card V-belt drive. This lathe was sold in the UK as the Triumph Mk. Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Diagrams. American Drummond Catalogue showing flat and round-bed models and accessories.

Because the lathes changed slowly in design the publication shows toop machines as they were from about to Full explanatory texts with clear diagrams of how to get the best from the lathe and its attachments. Instruction Book with 4se tool smart card Sectional Drawings.

Instruction and Maintenance Manual. Spare Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings. Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance manual. Also, let your friends know about this article by sharing it.

Illustrated list with Sectional Drawings. This was first published at a time when many similar lathes were on the market – and non had any worthwhile literature. A complete data pack including everything known about these machines. Parts as Sectional Drawings and Electrical Schematics.

Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual with some useful sectional drawings and 4se tool smart card schematics. Detailed Operator’s Instruction Book.

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Illustrated Repair Parts Manual. Operator’s Instruction Manual with comprehensive charts. Detailed Operator’s hand book.

Instruction Book with large Electrical Schematic. Also included are detailed Craftsman and Atlas advertisements detailing the technical specification and accessories – the main elements of these publications being the more informative Atlas publications. Operator’s Instruction Manual with Electrical Schematics. French and German Text no English Edition was published.

Instructions for adjusting and operating with exploded components drawing. For example, Amazon and eBay snart a safeguard of profiles and seller reviews that make them more trustworthy than buying from unmonitored 4se tool smart card. A General Guide for all Models with 4se tool smart card examples using infeed plungeoverhang and through-feed methods. Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual including accessories for the early model with demountable change-gears to vary the table-feed rates and levers for the spindle speeds.

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This shows the assembly of the machine and the many accessories and how to mount them correctly and safely. Operator’s 4we and Maintenance manual with many useful Sectional Drawings. Do you have feedback about this page? Just a single topl appears 4se tool smart card have been issued for these machines – 4se tool smart card only differences being in centre height and capacity.

Catalogue” showing the full range of lathes, millers, shapers, pillar and radial-arm drills, horizontal borers, planers, parting-off machines, punching and shearing machines, screwing machines, plate flanging machines, chucks, compound slides, cutting tools, vices, saws, band saws and engineers tools.

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