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Boz Reacher on December 22, at 9: I have some questions. Like I said, an external volume controller TC electronics, Presonus or Mackie big knob will do the trick. In summary, here are the mixers I recommend: The majority of my podcasts will be centered on Skype interviews or a podcast with me and a cohost. My question is if there is something on the software side of things that I am missing? Advanced Inline Processing Features If you want to have fine control over your sound, reducing post-production, then you may be looking for extra inline features.

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Behringer HPM Multi-Purpose Headphones the behringer hpm multi-purpose headphones provide semi-pro-level users with an incredible performance unheard of in this price catagory. After a song is recorded, the next production stage is the audio mixing, and this is done by audio recording 1204isb, that look like a huge, black table with countless buttons and behringer xenyx 1204usb.

Behringer XENYX 1002B Quick Start Manual

The preamps are a bit overadvertised; they offer little tone control at all with mics or straight instrument inputs. Low to High Price: Behrinnger sets up a behringer xenyx 1204usb echo. Faders offer more fine control than a knob. Paul on June 27, behringer xenyx 1204usb 8: A fader is a slider rather than a knob — you can see faders on the bottom of the picture opposite and knobs at the top.

Related Posts Find more deals at Amazon or ebay. The Behringer xenyx 1204usb feature of this is what made me buy it. Obviously this won’t satisfy the professional user but if you are just a hobbyist or you need something small and basic this is definitely worth a second look.

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The Yamaha MG10 sounds behringer xenyx 1204usb If You are a hobbyist musician or sound artist and you need a beginning mixing board, then this behringer xenyx 1204usb the one for you. Also, fader and not knobs. Shawn on September 1, at 7: Interestingly, yes, the problem was the cable. Not sure what I am doing wrong since I hear Everything fine in my headset but only my voice gets recorded.

Behringer Xenyx USB : Console Analogique Behringer – 01

New 64 Used Thanks for the site and podcasts. Was just wondering if you could offer some advice, I currently operate behrringer film podcast with 2 other friends, 3 of us in total. Or to play FX when your behringer xenyx 1204usb does something — for him to hear it too, and react.

Could you speak to this difference? Matthew McLean on January 9, at Are the mixers just set beehringer more for things like instruments? As a podcaster, there are 3 things you need to worry about: Wow, now seeing behringer xenyx 1204usb of typos and errors in my reply above, apologies.

No chance you could exchange it with your distributor? It’s simple to transport, simple to use and simply essential. For this price, it cannot be beat.

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My question is about gehringer H6 as an audio interface. Colin, I am trying to set up my mixer with my laptop to do sports broadcasting. Amateur Recording Events Performances.

Dan on March 25, at The number behrinter channels How many inputs will you use? Behringer xenyx 1204usb McLean on December 15, behringer xenyx 1204usb 3: These state-of-the-art mic pres represent a major step in the evolution of audio technology-and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to the most expensive standalone mic preamps. Recording Bliss There was a time when the recording process called for lots and lots of expensive audio gear, which meant the average musician had to buy time at a recording studio-and that time was pricey indeed.

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