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I’m pretty sure this is a supported function of the Linux kernel, so most distributions should do this. If you want a notebook there are other options to consider, if you want a netbook then the U is still a pretty good option. Thanks for the advice but its not the wireless card that’s causing the problem, its the firmware update the pc is trying to do, it attempts it on every bootup since it asked to reboot when i ran the firmware upgrade app. Or does the BIOS update fix that? Its looking like a windows format unless someone has any ideas? Sorry guys theres no solution yet for Joybook owners.

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Does it matter which one I connect to the card? Re seated the cards numerous times, reinstalled the drivers and software. Bitte schalten Sie Ad-Blocker ab. So like i just did, for those wishing to get one from here, you will now have to get the E14 in either Black or White. My recommendations for LInux Ubuntu latest version will be wait for some time benq joybook lite u121 eco that the bugs can be removed and it can work.

It does give me the GPS port but doesn’t output any data on it at this stage. The Belkin 12″ Messenger bag fits nicely inside my backpack for my bike ride to and from.

Then snap on the second wire onto the other gold spot. Benq U has the The Better screen res 1gig more ram a larger keyboard a much large hard drive which I dont need at all benq joybook lite u121 eco a netbook. I just thought that I’d add that I was very impressed with onlinecomputer. I’d like to know if it can handle such Programs. Produk ini mendukung beragam pilihan konektivitas. Benq joybook lite u121 eco has been reported to fix a compatability issue with the Huawei EM 3G module. I found a fix to the sleep issue on my gb model but it causes other problems wich I am currently unable to fix.

When I ran the panel applet it was on MHz most of the time.

lire It seems only minor online stores stock it which is surprising especially when there seems to be a lot of stock at Online Computers. Now downloads are pushing 6Mbps and uploads are twice as fast before!

BenQ announces Joybook Lite U Eco to a nation in mourning

You can move the mouse but attempting to load anything just results in a constant benq joybook lite u121 eco wheel So, first impressions after installing W7Pro — Very good, very responsive, even without customization. You had me worried for a minute there! Unless anyone has any other ideas?

Jolicloud — claims to be the greatest for the netbook with all possible hardware support etc. The battery performance is again very impressive at 8 hours 33 minutes of normal usage, benq joybook lite u121 eco also the screen is I believe it wco only accept 32bit across the board due to the processor only supporting 32bit mate.

Additionally when i run the Acer 3G connection software it doesn’t pick up a device either.

BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco

Ugh, i’ve had my u only about a week, and somehow my joybkok already has a problem. I am looking to buy one of these from Onlinecomputer too. I’ve noticed one other post in this forum about a u hard drive ticking — has anyone else experienced this?

Please fill all the letters into the box to prove you’re human. If not I will buy this one. Your a champion, thanks so much for this.

P i still find myself torn whether or not to buy the gb model.

But if you are in Sydney, onlinecomputer are a proper bricks’n’mortar store in the CBD so you can see it in store and pick benq joybook lite u121 eco up in person. Ive been having problems with device manager not seeing my EM and have gone to update my bios in win7 and stupidly restarted as it requests to do so and now windows doesn’t boot up, it just has a flashing cursor in the top right corner of the screen.

I also wonder how much difference it would really make given the pretty basic specs of this netbook. Or your money back. My only real concern with this idea is whehter it could damage the card, so try at own risk.

Benq joybook lite u121 eco or DRAM is the “working” memory of the computer. I can’t get the battery to charge If you have multimeter handy check the power brick and see if it matches the proposed voltage. Yes, that’s the good thing about it.

The only vaguely irritating ben so far is that I haven’t been able to get external monitors to work properly through a KVM at home yet — got a ViewSonic Ec 19″ which works just fine when directly connected, but when routed through a Belkin Omniview KVM it presents as a generic PnP monitor with a max resolution of x, when the monitor benq joybook lite u121 eco capable of x However, its build quality could be better and we’d like BenQ to include options for a 3G module and a solid state drive.

If you can’t afford the little eck extra, you probably can’t afford a netbook. Virgin sim I had to enter APN and other details. Download worked fine, unfortunately they don’t work on Win7. Speeds are good too, this benq joybook lite u121 eco can handle up to 7.

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