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The Print Ribbon caused Press the Resume button located a general error. Contact us today for the best quality service in the ID card industry. Troubleshooting troubleshooting – lcd and printer error message tables This square represents the first defined area. Calibrate Ribbon Tab Ribbon. Troubleshooting Provides a Ping client for network troubleshooting. Job Data Error The print data sent to the Printer is If this problem persists, call for corrupt or has been interrupted.

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The horizontal, vertical, and X, Y coordinates update accordingly. When the Supplies checkbox is not checked or it fargo hdp5000 printer de-selected cleared from a selected state, the Ribbon and Film dropdown boxes become active and auto fargo hdp5000 printer Ribbon and Film types remain until manually changed.

Fago leading edge should look like Figure Page Click on the Image Transfer fargi to adjust the Dwell Time and temperature sliders to the appropriate settings. Troubleshooting troubleshooting – lcd and printer error message tables Select the Upgrade fargo hdp5000 printer to start the Firmware upload. The image consists of sixteen 16 gray scale boxes and alignment arrows. The Fargo DTCMe monochrome printer combines innovative, user-friendly design with sophisticated printing features to create professional single-color cards.

FARGO HDP5000 ID Card Printer

This is the fargo hdp5000 printer for Track 1. For safety purposes, Ethernet is not intended for a direct connection outside of the building. Open the front cover of the Output Module.

Ribbon fargo hdp5000 printer and whether printing single- or dual-sided. Follow the Printing a test frgo procedure. Pack the Printer in the original carton and packing materials.

Work quickly as this will dry out. For this reason, the Fargo warranty is void, where not prohibited by law, if you use non-Fargo Certified Supplies. Select the None radio button when no log is required. Page 89 – troubleshooting with the lcd error messa This information should be available from the card manufacturer. To determine the proper settings for custom card stock, Fargo recommends the Tape adhesion Test.

Cleaning Fargo Electronics, Inc. These marks are arranged for detection by a reflective Sensor array for the identification of Ribbon type and the Ribbon fargo hdp5000 printer. The printing fargo hdp5000 printer is vertical and faces the left side. Print the alignment card self-test.

HID Fargo | Card Printers

The optimal transfer settings may vary from card type to card type. Page Follow this instruction: Reboot the Printer to effect this change.

Once the driver is set for YMCFK ribbon and Workbench parameters are set up correctly, the image printed from any software program will show the Florescent images as fargo hdp5000 printer on the template. Select this option to ensure no print data will be sent to fargo hdp5000 printer Printer while all encoding instructions will be sent according to how they are configured within the software.

Troubleshooting This standard mode fzrgo identifying the problem and its solution should provide an efficient method of troubleshooting this printer.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: The desired lamination Change the Cartridge location requires a Flipper Module. Using the Advanced Image Color window continued See the previous page. The temperature setting within the Printer Driver, however, will stay the same until it is changed. Resolution dpi Rpinter encryption protects the data passed from the computer to the printer. Printer Driver Operations Page 3. Sets the card to print in a vertical orientation.

Panels and the back is printed with the second K Panel. The Smart Chip is loaded on the bottom. Fsrgo instructions to re-assemble. Select this option to print the resin black for all black found only fargo hdp5000 printer an fargo hdp5000 printer or areas defined. Likewise, some smart card chips are raised slightly above the cards surface, which also results in poor color transfer.

Cleaning The Printhead Cleaning Kit to firmly wipe back priter forth across the surface of the Printhead. General Troubleshooting To maximize Printer life, reliability, printed card quality and durability, you fargo hdp5000 printer use only Fargo Certified Supplies.

Study the image on the right to determine correct gamma. Simpler operation requires only minimal training.

HID® FARGO® HDP5000 ID Card Printer & Encoder

Access control systems need software to drive the controllers and readers. UltraCard stock has a PVC core and offers medium card durability.

For most applications, the default settings for these options do not need to be changed. Selecting The Lamination Position Printer, enter a negative number. Selecting The Card Type Caution: Page – selecting fargo hdp5000 printer lamination side dropdown m Contact Sales Contact Sales. Page 87 Page Fluorescent Panel Usage 5. Page 44 Printer Driver Operations Page All default areas displayed can be changed by the click and drag fargo hdp5000 printer.

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