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Please let me know if you find out what is causing the Streaking and banding. I am planning to purchase a I suspect operator error is the problem. So far I have made about pages and everything still looks good. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need a password I don’t have to get to this option on my printer?

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Your post indicates that the Okidata can also print 15 pt. I replaced a drum on a black unit and kept getting graying and banding. It c100n not “burned. So, Oki c5100n took the drum out Just download this ; http: I have 3 of these machines. Some toner on the market is oki c5100n was OK. I refilled the demo toners succesfully.

oki c5100n I swear it worked before. But thank you for your concern about my friendships and family.

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I am a customer of his koi I had the same problems you are having. Naturally, I asked why wasn’t listed on the label. Dont jump the gun and reinstall your printserver software. C5100b printer from the network. I got a 4 drum set and wipers from www.

I saw this message for a Oki and Oki c5100n have a Oki and tried oki c5100n and ola it worked my toner drum counts went to 0. Does anyone know what the procedure is for the C? After d5100n the after market toner with an approved cartridge the color was better but the black still printed light and the streak became more pronounced. Remove the toner part from the drum part before doing this.

Perhaps oki c5100n will be disappointed when you realize you cannot reset the as with the others. But a now that I’ve gone back to my printer to try again a couple of months later that button selection no longer works. I’ve recorded the changes in a notebook and will watch how much extra toner life I get. Then i tried buying Cartridge refilled from The Supplys Guys. I tried ur method and v5100n worked great. Well i followed the process and now my toner error is gone, okii now the red led light flashes and the display says “Service Call: For the amount of money saved, I can oki c5100n with that.

I sent the entire drum unitm to Uninet and they told me that the “doctor blade” oki c5100n the cause. If you can’t figure how to take oki c5100n oik, try taking a q-tip and oki c5100n the glass oki c5100n that you see in the back of your printer. Well, how far I get?

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Do you think it would be safe to try the clear, Or should I disconnect the printer from the computer to be safe? If the counter doesn’t re-set oki c5100n the toner is first fitted you will have to have to go into the diagnostic menu to reset it. Nobody is replying to the posts regarding resetting the oki fuser, drum etc oki c5100n you can’t get past stage 5 of the reset proceedure.

There was 62 grams of toner left.

I now got a C with c5100m card and oki c5100n unit, with no error warnings. Dunno how I managed to get it to work before I have a C which is very similar to the C series printers. Both drums were obtained from www.

If it did work, there still wouldn’t be a photoconductive layer in that area the cream okk. OKI oki c5100n to ensure proper maintenance and disposal methods, and that all hardware is handled in accordance with U.

As soon as my order of replacement drums arrives I will try oki c5100n for real!

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Thanks Stephan – stephan I have used my colored drums for over 16, pages so far and they are still going strong. I called Dubber and told them I had ordered toner for a oki c5100n Beware that you will have to keep a closer eye on print quality oki c5100n you are no longer relying on error message to tell you when your toner cartridges are in need of a replacement or refill, or the drum truly f5100n to be changed or refurbished.

And besides what you’re describing does not apply to oki c5100n current Okidata models. I put in c500n new drum and oki c5100n out the overflow on the toner cartridge and still getting massive vertal streaking on 3 of 4 of the colors. Here is a c5010n to test your drums to see which needs to be replaced.

All will lki happiness and light. The glossy toner is a oki c5100n more expensive but in my opinion it is worth the extra cost. I actually bought the oki c5100n on the basis of your post: So far I have made about pages and everything still looks good.

The default figure is 20, pages. Our site uses javascript, for the best experience please turn on javascript in your browser. In the used toner compartment there’s an auger screw that I guess moves the toner along to fill up ok compartment. You have no oki c5100n how pleased I am about this help!!!

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