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A better solution is to perhaps buy a webcam and start imaging this way. To connect the camera to the scope, you need a t-ring and and a t-adapter for the scope. Since your husband wants a new camera for general purpose use, a DSLR would probably be a good choice. Good luck and let us know if you have more specific questions. You will be able to take photos of many of the brighter deep space objects like the Orion Nebula and the Ring Nebula.

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The firmware is easily up-gradeable on a Windows XP not Vista or Win 7 computer or Morgans will do it for you for a small fee. Philips spc900 would psc900 going to this web site and purchased one of Jerry’s excellent books on CD regarding astrophotography: I’m pretty much just a visual observer philips spc900 intend to stay that way.

Personally, I use Stark Labs. My husband is a bit of a shutterbug, was more involved with film photography at one philips spc900 so he speaks the camera language far more then I do.

Fenêtre explorer qui s’ouvre au démarrage. [Fermé]

Several functions may not work. Okay, some clarifications on my part. Thereafter, you can process the photos with Nebulosity or the program of your choice. I have a sturdy, home built, adjustable wedge that was made for the base philips spc900 an ETX You will be able to take photos of philips spc900 of the brighter deep space objects like the Orion Nebula and the Ring Nebula. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an pnilips user of home appliances as well.

photography with a 6se-help?!

There’s tons to learn that can’t be portrayed in a philips spc900 paragraphs here. I hope this gives you some insight into DSLR astro-photography.

Started philpis ahrizelMar 27 Give it a shot. Sunspot – Today, Philips spc900 had a 6SE and decided to try AP. My first target was Saturn. Since your husband wants a new camera for general purpose use, a DSLR would probably be a good choice. I forget how international phillips philips spc900 is. The downside of the webcam approach even though it costs about one-tenth as much as the DSLR route is that as well as the telescope, you will need a laptop outside to connect the philips spc900 to!

It is simple and a philips spc900 to use for focusing and image capture. The manual even advises it. This translates philips spc900 star trailing after only, philips spc900 he mentioned, philipd short exposure times.

The Canons record in Apple’s. This will have the effect of increasing the field of view where distended objects are involved, help to keep the stars at the edge of the field free from distortion, comaand finally, allow a little longer exposure times as the effects of field rotation as a general philis, become less marked the wider the field of view is increased.

But many folks live with that minor drawback. Webcams, however, score in several important respects. Community Forum Software by IP.

If you do go down the DSLR philips spc900, don’t bother getting either a modified camera for astrophotography use or indeed get your DSLR subsequently modified – unless you intend to do a lot of deep-sky imaging in which case the NexStar mount isn’t suitable and you’ll need to factor in the expense of a polar-aligned GEM philips spc900. The camera however is very perceptive! The advantage is that you can get dozens of shots without touching the scope.

Fenêtre explorer qui s’ouvre au démarrage.

I kinda knew he’d want to to ap, even with the limited capabilities of the nexstar, it’s always been an interest of his. I’ve forgotten philips spc900 password.

This is not to say you can’t get good results spc9900 DSO imaging with the NexStar setup but you will philips spc900 limited to a degree. With this setup, you can take multiple images of the same target and use stacking software to generate the final image. If we ever came into real money philips spc900 have the massive setup for it in the backyard observatory!

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