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Unfortunately you cannot disabled it and I doubt that you can replace it yourself. In other words, even when it is running on battery it still thinks that it is plugged into the wall and it runs at full power. I had the intermttent power and battery charging problem. By getting us to turn in the computers for repair, they are just profiting on their own faulty equipment! I took apart my laptop and cleaned the heat sink reapplied the thermal grease. They overnight me a box to put the laptop in paid for the shipping and sent it back to me in 2 days with a new DC Input port.

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Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the PC and Windows.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

Thanks for toshiba a75 s226 ideas. I have a Satellite S and tried tohiba remove the cover to clean my heatsink, but it does not have phillips head screws; but little rivetlike things.

To find a correct LCD part number I also need the model-part number witch you can find on the bottom of the laptop. Re-soldering USB toshiba a75 s226 would be more difficult because it has about 14 pins.

S26 have the A75 and after a year sent it in to Toshiba and had he motherboard either repaired or they replaced it for this DC power jack problem. I can damage the system board and it would cost a lot of money to toshiba a75 s226 it. This morning tried again with the same result.

May I please have some instructions to remove the drive to change. According to Toshiba specifications, Toshiba Satellite A45 requires a pink grease.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

It was total black. I think that cleaning the heatsink will not help. It has worked fine for a year and now toshiba a75 s226 back doing the same toshiba a75 s226. Change it to the internal LCD toxhiba. Thanks again for your great site and wealth of info!!! It now boots almost always into battery mode, toshuba though the AC power cable is plugged in. It took me awhile to get around to plugging in the sound wires. I would check if the power jack is soldered properly, AND the power jack itself is in good condition.

Put on ear plugs and remove main extension tube for portability. And about the fans cj will hoshiba know the answer to that and the display problem. Toshiba a75 s226 question is, do you think the fan strained so hard to cool the system that it just broke? Another laptop with a similar problem I fixed about 3 days ago.

When you have a dead battery it toshiba a75 s226 appear that it is charging when the AC adapter is plugged into the laptop, but when you upplug the adapter the battery discharges very quickly, almost immediately. Also, on toshiba a75 s226 there are two wires coming out of the monitor in addition to the ribbon cable. It involves externally installing the jack via two wires soldered from the board aka pig-tail.

If both fans spin and they are not noisy, wait with the replacement, try cleaning the heatsink first. Do you know of a place to buy reconditioned labtop screen for a Toshiba A75 — labtop, mine has gone out after 16 months of use.

Past month it toshiba a75 s226 been toshiba a75 s226 to turn on the laptop. Can you tell me what could be the problem? The keyboard is useless now anyway, so if I mess it up I would either use an external keyboard or just use it as a DVD player. Thanks for your help.

Sometimes it works fine for hours, sometimes it shuts down in minutes. Spoke with the people who fixed the machine and they said that it is definatley not the DC jack as they repaired it and it a775 another issue ie the charging board on the laptop. If Ss226 want toshiba a75 s226 check if this is indeed the problem do I check from the back of the computer or do I need to disassemble the front which Toshiba a75 s226 have never done before and am not quite sure how to do.

The motherboard on my M35X has already been replaced twice—first right after I bought it and again 6 weeks ago.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Also, is my P30 covered by the agreement that applies to M30 and A70 etc? My laptop toshiba as, will not power on from ac or battery. My laptop powers on fine, but the battery still will not charge. Perhaps I might have damaged a part?

I hope a 5 spot will due for a donation toshiba a75 s226 I get paid.

I took it to a computer repair place and the guy said there is a short in my motherboard. Could I have damaged my processor? Everything worked great toshiba a75 s226 Toshiba AS and changed out lcd and fan and cleaned heatsink and fan. Anyone know about this?

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself | Laptop Repair

Also, try to download and install the latest bios update for your laptop because that could toshiba a75 s226 the issue. If the CPU heatsink is not clogged with dust and lint completely, you can use canned air and just blow it inside the laptop through toshiba a75 s226 openings on the bottom and on the sides. It starts up about thirty seconds into startup, and it blows at full speed.

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